Friday, October 24, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 4

So, I did okay this week. I didn't do so good last weekend though. I ate way too much. Went to Texas Roadhouse and gave into a blooming onion, although Lance and I did go with the mini that they now offer. We also ended up at a couple of buffets, which I normally do good at, but was in a real funk and overate.

After a roller coaster week, I still manage to LOSE even if it was only 0.4 lbs. That brings my running total to 10.2 lbs. I VOW to do better this week, my goal is 2.3 to bring me down into the 260's. I know I can do this, I just have to keep reminding myself that I am doing this for ME. For how much better I feel being lighter, for my future health and my current health. Because I would LOVE to be able to not have to shop in the Plus Sizes for the first time in MANY, MANY years!

I can do this................................

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UNDEFEATED Freshman Kewaskum Indians 7-0!!

What a wonderful group of boys (or should I say, young men)!!! We had several injuries and some key players out for a good portion of the season, and yet all of these boys stepped up their game and brought their team to an undefeated Freshman season!!! Wow, what an exciting season for all of us! We are all so proud of these kids and their coaches. There was excellent play calling, and excellent leadership by these coaches as well! Most of them were holding up 7 fingers in the photo, not sure how well you can see that.

This talented group includes: Travis Averill (50), Michael Bier (51), Nolan Bocher (56), Brad Boegel (14), Kyle Boehlen (76), Dan Bohn (37), Brad Bottleman (65), Tyler Craig (54), Andy Doll (89), Mack Donath (53), Trent Ellis (84), Josh Farrand (43), Kenny Gigstead (52), Austin Goeman (9), Tony Gonring (20), Colton Gruber (44), Derrick Herriges (48), Joey Herriges (60), Tyler Hetebrueg (91), Jared Luedtke (46), Matt Martin (90), Mark Miller (58), Sam Olla (15), Eric Perkins (29), Lance Pinchard (39), Dan Schuette (62), Eric Schulz (63), Dylan Tackes (80), Taylor Toth (92), Joey Wollner (11), and Garrett Yahr (45). Coaches: Kyle Darmody & Ryan Herman. And our guardian angel Ben Derge (67). We love & miss you Ben!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Trying something different...........

Okay, so I have decided that I HAVE to learn to eat healthier, proper portion sizes, and lose weight to keep it off. I decided to join Weight Watcher's online since I knew there was NO way I was fitting weekly meetings into my crazy schedule. I decided to blog about it to help with the accountability!

So, I have completed week three (as of this last Friday) and I am down 9.8 lbs so far! How exciting is that? Well, at least it is for me. I have found some great women within my CTMH community on the bulletin boards who have been incredibly supportive. We call ourselves the biggest "losers" on a regular basis. These women are phenominal!

I have found some awesome websites also, and have been visiting them regularly to learn more about healthy choices, healthy eating, etc. I absolutely LOVE and have subscribed to her daily newsletter!

Well, I just wanted to put this out there because I am bound & determined to lose the weight I need to and keep it off! I have not been under 200 lbs since before I was pregnant with Lance, and he will be 15 on Christmas Day! It's long past due time to rid myself of all this excess weight.

So, I have lost 9.8 lbs and have 122.6 lbs to go to get to my goal weight. My doctor and I talked and decided what would be a good weight for me even though it is a tad higher than what they say it "should" be.

Anything has to be better than where I am now. The heart history, the diabetes and so on in my's time to make changes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Middle Schooler.....................

Here he is, my "baby" LucasJon. An official middle schooler...........okay, I STILL want to know where that time goes! I didn't believe my mom when she said that it goes fast.............the older they get, the faster they grow up. Time is just flying. I did inform him that he can have NO MORE birthdays (he's 11) but that didn't fly with him, he was having no part of that at all.

Oh well, I guess I will enjoy him at this age while I can. Seems like just yesterday he came into our lives. If only I had those natural curls! I keep teasing him that I have to pay for mine................

Lacy & Anthony

Auntie Lacy & Anthony came to Lance's home football game against Sheboygan Falls! Anthony sure was happy to see his Auntie. Of course, he couldn't decide whose lap he wanted more, Auntie Lacy's, Grandpa's or Grandma's.

He is such a people watcher too! It's so funny to watch him in crowds, he stares at everyone trying to figure them out. Makes you wonder what is going on inside his cute little head.

Auntie Lacy thought she would get him a little treat. He ended up with a chocolate Tootsie Pop sucker. He was doing great until he decided he needed to rub his clean hands all over the sticky sucker! Oh well, he had fun with it anyway...........just got a little sticky! I like to call him MY "sticky boy", all you CTMH sisters can appreciate that one!

Freshman Homecoming 10/11/2008

Here we are, freshman year of high school. I still can't believe that Lance is in high school! Well, this past Saturday was his very first high school dance, Homecoming! This is the group of kids he went to Homecoming with! Brittney was his "date". All the mom's thought it was cute that he got a tie to match her dress (he's such a ladie's man already!LOL).

Val's mom was so generous. She put together a pre-dance dinner of subs, fruit, etc. Then she took the whole group to the dance in her van. That was so nice of her!

And can I just say, my son is so handsome! (no bias here, LOL!)

Cuttin' Grass

After cutting our acre & 1/4 of completely open lawn, the boys decided to take Anthony for a ride on the riding lawnmower. Needless to say from the smile on his face, he really enjoyed it! After Uncle Lance took him for a ride, we let him sit on it all by himself and he just turned that steering wheel back and forth like crazy (with it shut off of course!). Then Uncle LJ took him for a ride. He really thought he was king of the lawnmower!

Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

Grandpa's Buddy

Grandpa's Buddy