Monday, December 22, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 11 & 12

Oh boy, I am falling behind here. I'm so excited about the Idea Book Revealing Party I am having on January 3rd, and so busy getting prepared for it that I forgot to post about my weight loss (and gain).

So, week 11......I WAS down 2.4 lbs bringing my running total to an even 20 lbs loss. Well, week 12 has not been so great.......I gained 2.0 lbs back dropping me to 18 lbs total loss. What a roller coaster. I'm trying hard though to stay on track. It's tough with the holidays, as I'm sure I do NOT have to tell anyone who has had to battle weight loss or maintenance!

We are back into yet another week. I am trying really hard to get motivated to exercise which will help to keep things under better control. I love to watch the 9:00 news, so I guess I should make that my exercise time. I can walk on the treadmill in our family room and watch the news, right?

And of course, I have my Pilates for weight loss DVD that I could do instead of watching the 9:00 news, or the step aerobics video I have. Then I could just catch the 10:00 news? I don't know, but I have to figure out how to get motivated, and remind myself that I am worth that time to me. Wish me luck as I venture through Grandma's Homemade Baked Beans (she taught me how to make them now!), and all the other goodies that will tempt me. And let's not forget the birthday cake I have to get for Lance since his 15th birthday is on Christmas Day!

Well, here's to a successful week...................

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

National Paper Crafting Month Promotion!

Did you know that I'm a CTMH Consultant? If not, I have been a consultant for a little over 3 years now, but recently decided I was ready to go from a hobbyist to a full blown consultant. I absolutely LOVE representing a company with such high quality products and such high standards. Our products are of the highest quality, best value, and are completely on top of the latest trends, yet remain timeless.

We also have unbelievable promotions! Beginning yesterday and running through Jan 31st, we are celebrating National Paper Crafting Month. Check out the details:

The gorgeous new Key to My Heart Level 2 paper packet features all of our fabulous new exclusive colors: Tulip, Juniper, Sorbet, and Crème Brulee. The packet is accompanied by the attractive new E-size My Acrylix® Key to My Heart stamp set brimming with elegant, charming designs. It’s a great combo with a retail value of $47.90—and can be yours at substantial savings, or even FREE!

-Spend $130 and receive the whole package FREE!

-OR- Spend $75 and purchase the kit for just $20

-OR - Buy the kit outright for $47.90

You can also earn the kit for FREE by signing up to be a consultant

- OR - Hosting a gathering of $400 or more (catalog gatherings okay too)

You can shop online at if you choose, or contact me to schedule a home or "Idea Book" gathering! You may also want to visit my "Training and Events" area where you can view all of the workshops I have scheduled, my Spring Idea Book Revealing Party, and so much more! Aren't these colors just GORGEOUS?! They are even more so in person, this picture does not do them justice!

Friday, December 5, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 10

Well, a much better week for me than last week. Recap: last week with my birthday and Thanksgiving, I gained 3.4 lbs. This week I managed to not only lose that 3.4 lbs, but an additional 1.4 lbs. bringing my total so far to 17.6 lbs. I still have a long way to go (114.8) to get to my final goal, but it feels good to be losing it.

I'm hoping to stay on track through Lane's birthday, Hanukkah, Lance's birthday and Christmas. It will definitely be a challenge, but I can do it!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


You will NOT want to miss the fun!

Date: Saturday, January 3, 2009
Time: Noon — 4:00 pm
Where: My Home (more info upon RSVPing)

RSVP by Saturday, December 28, 2008

Come join the fun of games, drawings, door prizes, raffle, create 'n take projects, new crafting ideas!

I will be doing drawings throughout. You can earn tickets for the drawing the following way:
*First to RSVP
*RSVP by December 28th
*First to arrive
*Bring a friend not already on my mailing list
*Sign up and prepay for upcoming Workshops (more details and samples at the party!)
*Host a home gathering

Operation Smile Raffle:
Prize- 1 Year of Stamps of the Month
Tickets are $1.00 each or 15 for $10.00
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WW Weigh in...........Week 9

Oh boy, I was NOT a good girl....................I went up 3.4 lbs last week (I weigh on Friday morning), bringing my total loss back down to 13.0 lbs. But, the good news is that I am back on track, and I think a lot of it was water retention because I am almost back down where I was the weigh in before.

So, I am holding my head high, remembering that we all slip here and there, and I was faced with a birthday AND Thanksgiving one day right after the other.

Back at it!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a wonderful start to a birthday!

What a GREAT start to my birthday. Yesterday I was blessed to open two beautiful birthday cards that came in the mail. One from my baby sister, Mandy and one from my dear, sweet dad & stepmom! To top it off, I got some WW coupons from my sweet friend and fellow CTMH sister, Kisha!

This morning I was blessed with a call from my baby sister, a call from my oldest stepdaughter, Lacy, a message on my facebook from a sweet friend (and CTMH sister), Kari, a post to the consultant bulletin boards titled "Happy Birthday Tammy Pinchard" from yet another dear, sweet friend (and CTMH sister) Lisa! Lisa also sent me a text message to wish me a Happy Birthday.

So, despite being at work on my birthday, it is going well! This bouquet of roses is so beautiful and fragrant, my office smells WONDERFUL! How can I not be smiling from ear to ear! Thank you everyone for making my day so special!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 8

Here we go again, another week went by that I just COULD NOT motivate myself to get moving. What is wrong with me? I have to make a promise to ME that I will move this week. It will be a VERY tough one since my birthday is Wednesday and Thanksgiving is Thursday.

Our tradition for my birthday is to go out to Texas Roadhouse, or someplace like that, for a nice Prime Rib dinner. So, my sweet friend (and fellow CTMH Consultant) Cindy recommended that I not skip my traditional dinner, but instead ask for a to go box and cut it in half! Then I have my favorite treat for another meal as well and I am not over doing it!

Thanksgiving will be yet another evil venture. Grandma's Old Fashioned Baked Beans, Stuffing, Desserts galore. I am blessed to have my cousin Peggy Sue's birthday only four days before mine, so Auntie Peggy usually does things up right and has more cake that we could possibly eat.

Now, for my weekly report. Even though I didn't discipline myself to get moving, I did manage a loss of 0.8 lbs, brining my total so far to 16.4 lbs. Not too shabby. My fellow CTMH girls and I have an ongoing post on our bulletin board to support each other through our weight loss, and my dear friend Cindy keeps reminding me that this is a marathon, not a sprint!

So, another successful week in the loss column, now to get MOVING! Wish me luck, I need it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Announcements

Yeah!! My dear, sweet friend Brenda and her husband Tom just had their first baby! I promised Brenda I would make her the baby announcements for her to mail out. I have just finished them!

I cannot even begin to say how happy I am for the two of them. Brenda just turned 41 in September, and I have know her for 18 years. I always knew she would be a wonderful Mommy, and now she is! I cried when she told me she was pregnant.........and now that little Benjamin is here, I am tearing up all over again! I sure hope she likes them!

Love you Brenda!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 7

Well, I didn't get moving this week as far as additional exercise, but it was VERY busy at the shop. I did a lot of running back and forth from one end of the building to the other, which I think helps me to lose. I HAVE TO get myself motivated this upcoming week to get exercise into my crazy, busy schedule!

I did lose again this week, so that is a plus! I am down 2.6 lbs again (same amount as last week) bringing my total to 15.6 lbs so far! I'm still not feeling like I am losing, but I'm happy to see the numbers getting smaller on the scale and larger on the "lost" column of the spreadsheet I am keeping.

Here's to another good week!

My Advertising INSTALLED

I installed it this morning!!! Should have taken the picture BEFORE I drove to work and got it all dirty, but I think it's cute! Hopefully it will get the questions coming and help me to make new contacts.

I had a lot of fun playing with my Cricut Expressions to make all the pink vinyl that I added to this.

Advertising my business.......

Well, it's past midnight and I made the mistake earlier of drinking an XS Energy Drink, LOL. So, I am up working on some advertising for my Close To My Heart business. Tell me, what do you think? Is the Stamping & Scrapbooking too large? Or do you think it will draw more attention to the actual contact information? I'm not sure what to think, and will take more pictures when I have it stretched over the spare tire on my SUV. Hmmmmmm.................I would have liked to use more of a light purple since that is the color of the Close To My Heart logo on my newsletters, but I only had pink vinyl. I think it really pops nicely on the black though.
Well, better get to bed, 6:00 am will come fast! Thank goodness it's Friday! Oh, I have to weigh in again when I get up. Check back in to see how I did!

Friday, November 7, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 6

My goal for last week was to make it out of the 270's...........I'm proud to say, I did just that! I weighed in this morning at 269.4! My total so far............13.0 lbs.

I do have to say that I'm not feeling much like I am really losing yet, maybe because I have so much to lose. But, I do notice my pants are a little looser, and so is my work shirt. These are good things! Slow & steady so that it will have a better chance of staying off!

I'm glad to say that Lane and LucasJon have been right by my side with trying to be more healthy and lose weight this week, which has made it easier on me. We are no longer arguing over what should be for dinner because I want to be healthy and they didn't care!

My next goal is to try to get into the 250's by my birthday this month on the 26th!! What a great birthday present to myself that would be! Oh, and the pink font is because I am tickled pink to be losing weight successfully!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 5

Sorry this post is late, I weigh in on Fridays.

Alright, so not a great loss this week, only 0.2 lb for a total of 10.4 lbs so far, but still a loss. This week was insane though, I didn't get all of my water in for sure. I have my little grandson Anthony here with me at work, so it was hard to take care of me since he needs me to take care of him.

But, I did great this weekend and continue to do well. Lane has hopped on board with trying to lose again, so that makes things MUCH easier when it comes to meals and so on. We are not butting heads with me trying to lose weight and him not caring whether he gained or not.

I behaved well this past weekend and instead of gaining like I usually do, and then battle the week to lose that weight and more, I actually went down this weekend. I am looking forward to a nice loss this week (hopefully). I so want to say goodbye to the 270's. That is my goal, I hope I make it!!

I am FINALLY starting to feel my clothes get looser, at least my work clothes. Some of my others were VERY snug, so it will be awhile before I notice any wiggle room in them! But, it is a good feeling!

Friday, October 24, 2008

WW Weigh in...........Week 4

So, I did okay this week. I didn't do so good last weekend though. I ate way too much. Went to Texas Roadhouse and gave into a blooming onion, although Lance and I did go with the mini that they now offer. We also ended up at a couple of buffets, which I normally do good at, but was in a real funk and overate.

After a roller coaster week, I still manage to LOSE even if it was only 0.4 lbs. That brings my running total to 10.2 lbs. I VOW to do better this week, my goal is 2.3 to bring me down into the 260's. I know I can do this, I just have to keep reminding myself that I am doing this for ME. For how much better I feel being lighter, for my future health and my current health. Because I would LOVE to be able to not have to shop in the Plus Sizes for the first time in MANY, MANY years!

I can do this................................

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UNDEFEATED Freshman Kewaskum Indians 7-0!!

What a wonderful group of boys (or should I say, young men)!!! We had several injuries and some key players out for a good portion of the season, and yet all of these boys stepped up their game and brought their team to an undefeated Freshman season!!! Wow, what an exciting season for all of us! We are all so proud of these kids and their coaches. There was excellent play calling, and excellent leadership by these coaches as well! Most of them were holding up 7 fingers in the photo, not sure how well you can see that.

This talented group includes: Travis Averill (50), Michael Bier (51), Nolan Bocher (56), Brad Boegel (14), Kyle Boehlen (76), Dan Bohn (37), Brad Bottleman (65), Tyler Craig (54), Andy Doll (89), Mack Donath (53), Trent Ellis (84), Josh Farrand (43), Kenny Gigstead (52), Austin Goeman (9), Tony Gonring (20), Colton Gruber (44), Derrick Herriges (48), Joey Herriges (60), Tyler Hetebrueg (91), Jared Luedtke (46), Matt Martin (90), Mark Miller (58), Sam Olla (15), Eric Perkins (29), Lance Pinchard (39), Dan Schuette (62), Eric Schulz (63), Dylan Tackes (80), Taylor Toth (92), Joey Wollner (11), and Garrett Yahr (45). Coaches: Kyle Darmody & Ryan Herman. And our guardian angel Ben Derge (67). We love & miss you Ben!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Trying something different...........

Okay, so I have decided that I HAVE to learn to eat healthier, proper portion sizes, and lose weight to keep it off. I decided to join Weight Watcher's online since I knew there was NO way I was fitting weekly meetings into my crazy schedule. I decided to blog about it to help with the accountability!

So, I have completed week three (as of this last Friday) and I am down 9.8 lbs so far! How exciting is that? Well, at least it is for me. I have found some great women within my CTMH community on the bulletin boards who have been incredibly supportive. We call ourselves the biggest "losers" on a regular basis. These women are phenominal!

I have found some awesome websites also, and have been visiting them regularly to learn more about healthy choices, healthy eating, etc. I absolutely LOVE and have subscribed to her daily newsletter!

Well, I just wanted to put this out there because I am bound & determined to lose the weight I need to and keep it off! I have not been under 200 lbs since before I was pregnant with Lance, and he will be 15 on Christmas Day! It's long past due time to rid myself of all this excess weight.

So, I have lost 9.8 lbs and have 122.6 lbs to go to get to my goal weight. My doctor and I talked and decided what would be a good weight for me even though it is a tad higher than what they say it "should" be.

Anything has to be better than where I am now. The heart history, the diabetes and so on in my's time to make changes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Middle Schooler.....................

Here he is, my "baby" LucasJon. An official middle schooler...........okay, I STILL want to know where that time goes! I didn't believe my mom when she said that it goes fast.............the older they get, the faster they grow up. Time is just flying. I did inform him that he can have NO MORE birthdays (he's 11) but that didn't fly with him, he was having no part of that at all.

Oh well, I guess I will enjoy him at this age while I can. Seems like just yesterday he came into our lives. If only I had those natural curls! I keep teasing him that I have to pay for mine................

Lacy & Anthony

Auntie Lacy & Anthony came to Lance's home football game against Sheboygan Falls! Anthony sure was happy to see his Auntie. Of course, he couldn't decide whose lap he wanted more, Auntie Lacy's, Grandpa's or Grandma's.

He is such a people watcher too! It's so funny to watch him in crowds, he stares at everyone trying to figure them out. Makes you wonder what is going on inside his cute little head.

Auntie Lacy thought she would get him a little treat. He ended up with a chocolate Tootsie Pop sucker. He was doing great until he decided he needed to rub his clean hands all over the sticky sucker! Oh well, he had fun with it anyway...........just got a little sticky! I like to call him MY "sticky boy", all you CTMH sisters can appreciate that one!

Freshman Homecoming 10/11/2008

Here we are, freshman year of high school. I still can't believe that Lance is in high school! Well, this past Saturday was his very first high school dance, Homecoming! This is the group of kids he went to Homecoming with! Brittney was his "date". All the mom's thought it was cute that he got a tie to match her dress (he's such a ladie's man already!LOL).

Val's mom was so generous. She put together a pre-dance dinner of subs, fruit, etc. Then she took the whole group to the dance in her van. That was so nice of her!

And can I just say, my son is so handsome! (no bias here, LOL!)

Cuttin' Grass

After cutting our acre & 1/4 of completely open lawn, the boys decided to take Anthony for a ride on the riding lawnmower. Needless to say from the smile on his face, he really enjoyed it! After Uncle Lance took him for a ride, we let him sit on it all by himself and he just turned that steering wheel back and forth like crazy (with it shut off of course!). Then Uncle LJ took him for a ride. He really thought he was king of the lawnmower!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Latest Creation

Here is my latest creation! This was created with the following Close To My Heart products:
Card Pattern: Original Card Program, Background Blocks, pg. 48
The base is a 6 x 12 piece of colonial white cardstock (1388) and distressed with Creme Brulee Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad (Z2167). I then make the "block" pattern with pieces from Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Packet (X7100B). The "mat" piece is Cocoa Cardstock (X5642) distressed with sanding block found in the Sanding Kit (Z1294). The center of the card is made on Colonial White Cardstock (1388), 2nd generation stamped in Exclusive Inks; Tulip (Z2166), Sorbet (Z2166) and Juniper (Z2165) with the September Stamp of the Month set Treasure Life (D1306). And the ONLY non-CTMH (Close To My Heart) product used is the DMC Floss 356 to match the Sorbet color! The stiching was done by freehand piercing with the Piericing Tool (Z1114) and hand stitching!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Building MY Passion!!

THIS IS IT, I am finally taking the time to build my Close To My Heart business. Scrapbooking, Stamping, Card making and paper crafting.

If you would be interested in receiving my monthly newsletter, or any updates I may send out, be sure to enter your information on the right side of the screen where it asks for your email, first name and last name.

You will receive any emails that I send out regarding classes, workshops, monthly newsletter, MY OPEN HOUSE, etc.

You can also get more information by frequenting my website and checking out my Training and Events, or My CTMH TV, My Artwork, etc!!

I have spent 4 1/2 years by Lane's side building Auto Pro, our auto repair business in West Bend, WI and now it is time for me to dedicate some time to MY passion. Please enter your information if you would like to be kept informed!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So YOU think temple is boring, do you?......

Yep, Anthony was NOT amused by all the people at temple this weekend. He came there with Grandma, Uncle Lance & Uncle LucasJon.......he played, and laughed, and got lots of attention, but apparently it wasn't enough to keep him awake!

Grandma couldn't stand the sight of his little neck straining like this, so she picked him up snuggled & rocked him until Grandpa showed up. AS SOON as he heard his Grandpa's voice, he was wide awake and ready to play again!

He is so precious. We are blessed to be able to spend so much time with him, and so lucky to have the opportunity to take so many pictures as he grows and makes us all laugh. Now, if ONLY Grandma could keep up with Uncle Lance's football, wrestling & track, Uncle LucasJon's football & wrestling and all the other things she WANTS to scrap!!!

Every day I count my blessings!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where's My Little Boy?

OH NO, HE IS NOT A FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!! It just cannot be possible. It was just yesterday that my water broke FIVE WEEKS EARLY and I found myself delivering a sweet baby boy at 1:26 a.m. on Christmas Morning!
He cannot be this grown up already. Where did the time go? I will blink and he will be graduating from high school! Oh, and I AM still young ;)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School :(

Okay, so this is a REALLY tough year for me. LucasJon (my baby) is heading to middle school, and Lance is a freshman in high school. I am so NOT ready for this at all. I guess it's going to happen whether I'm ready or not, but it's still tough.

I did tell LucasJon that he cannot have anymore birthdays since he is my baby. He wasn't going for that though. Oh well, I tried! They are so handsome and growing up way too fast!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lance's Project

Yep, talk about growing up too fast! Lance has been working on his "project" car that his dad bought for him last fall (the kid was only 13 1/2!!). He started out with taking out the seats to have the interior done. While waiting for the interior to come back, he decided he was going to pull his engine, change out the gaskets, hoses, etc and clean up the engine compartment.

Here are some of his before and after pictures of his engine:

Photos are compliments of my amazing photographer & 11 year old son, LucasJon, and myself. Stay tuned for more!

Making Progress!!

Okay, so life has been extremely busy lately, but whose hasn't right? I came back from Orlando, FL for the Close to my Heart Convention and am completely pumped up about taking my business from hobbyist to full out Consultant. My goal (are all of you listening, or should I say reading closely?) is to qualify for Leadership next summer in Long Beach, CA!!! So, all of you are reading this, I HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH IT! I won't settle for failure!

Anyway, my family is having a period of adjustment with this since this means that Mom/Wife is focusing on something other than THEM! Yep, you got it. I am trying to make them understand that this is MY passion, this is MY football, this is MY classic cars.........little by little they seem to be accepting this. Of course, when I dangled pictures of the Western Carribbean Cruise in front of the boys, they were like "yeah MOM, I WANT TO GO THERE!". So, we will see.......

Lane has been so awesome, that he has put up some new shelving in the basement (my scrap area), and has been his total perfectionist self (but they look so nice :) ). We had shelves and brackets stored under the bed in our spare bedroom because we were going to shelve the entire family room area way back when. He was so sweet, he started taking measurements, checking out the shelves we already had, and even took the boards to our local cabinetry place to have the cut to size!

Here are a few pictures of the shelves BEFORE I loaded it down with my ScrapRack.

AFTER I loaded this poor bottom shelf with my STUFFED ScrapRack, it started to lean forward. LOL, can you say "ADDICT"! Dear Hubby went back to our local cabinetry place and had him cut some smaller pieces to make braces for the sides of the shelves! He has been so awesome about this. This is when I LOVE the perfectionist in him.

I have been busy trying to reorganize my scrap area so that I can get more accomplished and not have our family room look like a tornado hit it all the time. So, in between middle school orientation, freshman high school orientation, football practice for both boys........I haven't gotten it where I want it YET, but will post pictures when I am done.

On a different note, the grandson, Anthony, is growing like crazy and couldn't be any cuter!! He is so much fun to have around!
Here he is playing with Grandpa & Grandpa's bubble gum!! He was trying so hard to stick his tongue out like Grandpa was doing! It was so funny and incredibly cute to watch!
Well, I guess that is all for today! Hopefully my next post will be of artwork!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Football they grow up too fast!

Here they are, my football players. I will have new pictures later this fall for this season, but the left is Lance at 13 years old, 8th grade. The right is LucasJon, 10 years old, 5th grade.

I am so incredibly proud of my boys and all that they accomplish in life. They both work hard to keep a great balance in their lives. They get very good grades in school (Lane and I enforce a 3.0 or higher average to STAY in whatever extra-curricular activity they want to be in), they excel in their sports, and are all around good kids.

What more can parents ask for? Okay, so it would be nice if they did their chores without me having to remind them, but what kid LIKES doing chores? Oh well, that's not so certainly could be worse!

Convention HERE I COME!

Yes!!! I am going to sunny (and probably muggy) Orlando, FL next week for our Close To My Heart Convention! This is the resort I will be staying in with some other ladies from our unit. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. Convention is when they release new product, have wonderful business and creative classes, and the best part of all is the friendships that happen with fellow consultants. I am so excited!!! (Oh wait, I said that already) I will fly out on Wednesday morning and return Sunday afternoon. When I get back, I fully expect to be in full throttle mode (sorry, that's the auto repair shop owner in me coming out) to build my business and share my passions of scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking and paper crafting!
Be sure to watch for updates and pictures from this awesome event!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Small Town Fireworks!

I absolutely LOVE that my camera has a fireworks setting, how else could I get these awesome shots? We go to the fireworks in Kewaskum, and they are absolutely awesome, especially considering the fact that it is just a small town. I would have to say that they are as good, if not better than the fireworks we watched when living in Milwaukee.

LucasJon and I went to watch them together, and were able to sit with some friends which made it all the better! Great fireworks and great company!


Whew whoooooo! Lane and I FINALLY took some time off of work and headed for a short romantic getaway at Sybaris Pool Suites!! We had the Chalet, and what fun it was. It is beautiful there. So serene, and much needed time away from it all.
Of course, we like to "share", so we did have the kids come and play in the pool, go down the slide, etc before we checked out the following day! It was so much fun, and they got a chance to see where we escape to (not sure if this was a good idea or not, but we all enjoyed it!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Graduation Card

This is my most recent creation! This is a graduation card for Lane's 2nd cousin. We had her party this last weekend. I was able to play with my new toy, The Cuttlebug. I used it to emboss the bottom of the card with the d-vine swirl Cuttlebug embossing folder. The top of the card is the CTMH Silhouette paper pack, the flower is CTMH Big Pinks (I used a white one), CTMH desert sand exclusive inks, black cardstock, and a clear button backed with the Silhouette paper to match! Hope you like it, I had a lot of fun designing it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Anthony's First Haircut

Oh my goodness!!! Last night Lauriel decided that Anthony needed his first haircut. So, since "Grandma" gives all the guys in the family their haircuts, she decided that she would let Grandma do it! Well, I have the peanut buzzer and Anthony is so darn ticklish! He laughed so hard because it was tickling him every time it touched his head. Of course, he is handsome as can be, but he no longer looks so babyish!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Party Was A GREAT Success!!

Okay, so we had the combined birthday party (see invitations below) for Anthony & LucasJon this past Saturday. It was a huge success! The pictures above are of LucasJon putting on a "show" after he learned how to inhale helium and talk funny, LucasJon after his big sisters "gave" him a piece of cake, Anthony's Backyardigans cake, Anthony and Mommy, LucasJon's WWE cake (will explain more below), LucasJon with his cake, and some of our guests.
We had quite the spread going: Hot ham, turkey in gravy, beef in gravy, and BBQ shredded pork, potato salad, cheesy potatoes, fruit salad, cheese & sausage tray, veggie tray with 3 kinds of dip, relish tray, chips (several kinds).............................oh yeah, NOBODY left hungry, I guarantee that! LOL
We all had such a great time, but honestly, before the party I decided I was not just cleaning, I was going to "declutter" also (thanks FlyLady)! So, after making 50 handmade invites I started cleaning and decluttering. Whew, I had a great time, it was WONDERFUL to see everyone, but I'm glad it's done with!
LucasJon wanted a WWE cake badly. So, I went to three different local stores to try to find it for him. NOTHING, nobody is licensed to do these cakes. Lucky for me I found a wonderful lady at Walmart who is also a WWE fan that offered to design the cake with a ring in the middle. I would just have to buy whatever I wanted on top to decorate it! Whew whoooo, she made me a hero in my 11 year olds eyes!
Now, if I can just keep up with my friendly FlyLady missions that are emailed to me Monday through Friday, I might KEEP my house looking this good! Enjoy the pictures!

Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

Grandpa's Buddy

Grandpa's Buddy