Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Favorites.......

I just HAD to share some pictures with all of you! I absolutely LOVE this picture of Lane and Anthony! Anthony grabs Lane by the hand and says, "om on pupu!" (Come on Papa).

There is a picture of Anthony spinning on a contraption at the elementary school playground. He was laughing so hard as he spun around and around!

Then we have the picture of Anthony coming in after playing in his pool his papa bought for him! I had to post this one, if you look closely his little swim trunks are falling off!

And last, but not least, Anthony and his Uncle Lance, the "cool dudes"!

How very blessed we are to have Anthony in our lives. We all love him to pieces, and his personality is out of this world! Such a happy, smart, funny boy!


Lisa said...

Oh My Gosh! He is so sweet.. I just want to pick him up and squeeze him! What a cutie pie

Leslie said...

Tammy, did you forget about the Blog Hop?

Tammy Lea Pinchard said...

Nope Leslie, sure didn't!!! Had it scheduled to post at 1:01 am my time and the darn thing didn't work, but it's up now!!! Sorry about that!

Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

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Grandpa's Buddy