Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do YOU Love What You Do?

I DO!! You might ask "Why do you love what you do?" Well, let me tell you........

I set my own schedule, I decide WHEN I want to work.....I can work around my family's schedule!

I will never be laid off.....I am my own boss!

I will never be fired.....I am my own boss!

My success is directly related to my efforts.....

I do not "answer" to anyone but myself.....

I am able to surround myself with wonderful people who share my passion.....

I have made some incredible friendships through sharing my passion.....

I meet new people on a regular basis which have lead to those incredible friendships.....

Through all of this, which I enjoy immensely, I am able to earn incentive trips.....I am currently working on a Western Caribbean Cruise!

So, again I ask, do YOU love what you do? Is it flexible enough for you? Are you earning what you feel you are worth?

"HOW" you ask, do I do this? Well, let me tell you.....

I am an Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart, a leader in the stamping and scrapbooking industry! This company has been in business for 25 years! That's right, we are celebrating Close To My Heart's 25th year in business!

If you are not sure what Close To My Heart is all about, visit my website here and look around! Check out our high quality products, visit our CTMH TV where we show you how to use our products, visit "My Art" to see what I have made with these products, read "My Story" where you will find a picture of myself and the founder and CEO of Close To My Heart, Jeanette Lynton. You can visit my calendar to find out when I am holding workshops and find all the information about those workshops.

Let me show you how.....Faster, Simpler, Easier!!

If you would like to take control of YOUR destiny, feel free to contact me at (414) 640-0412.

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Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Grandma's "FlyBaby"

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

Being Grandparents is AWESOME!

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Grandpa's Buddy