Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Salt Lake City, Utah HERE I AM!!

Yeah! I FINALLY made it to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Close To My Heart Album Retreat! This is the view I had after getting off of the plane and looking out the terminal at the airport. Is this BEAUTIFUL or what?!

Now, let me tell you about my adventure to get here. I almost didn't make it on this trip because one of our main technicians at our auto repair shop gave us less than two weeks notice and his last day to work for us was last week Thursday. So, Lane was not sure he and the remaining guys could handle things without me.

Well, my dear husband decided he would try to handle things so that I didn't have to lose out on the money I had paid for my flights (bless his heart!). I didn't get to pack until after 10:00 pm last night, I got to bed after midnight and of course could NOT fall asleep because I was so excited. I had to get up at 3:00 am to shower and get to the airport.

On my way out, I fell on the ice in our driveway! Yep, me and ice do NOT get along at all....but I picked myself up in pain, and went on my merry way. The thermometer on my Montero said 13 BELOW! Oh my goodness, it was cold out there!

The flight from Milwaukee, WI got a late start because they had to de-ice the plane before we headed out. Well, of course, that made me late arriving in Denver, Colorado. I got to the gate where I was suppose to catch my connecting flight (of course it was at the other end of the airport, so I limped along my way, but very quickly) and they were pulling the tarmack (sp) away from the plane. The lady informed me I had missed the flight! "Please go to the customer service desk between gates 36 & 38 (that was back the way I came from!) and they will reschedule you on a flight".

Yeah, so I was informed that I now have FOUR HOURS to burn before my new flight will even begin to board. I made use of my time by working on my website, grabbing a light bite to eat (hadn't done that yet and it was around 8:50 am), made a few new contacts with fellow travelers at the airport, and waited it out.

The flight from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah was pretty much non-eventful and when I went to claim my luggage it was sitting nicely in the airline office patiently waiting for me to arrive because it got there before I did! (much better than it getting lost at least).

I asked an airport worker how I went about getting a ride to my hotel and he said that they run free shuttles, I just needed to sit and wait for my hotel shuttle to come by. I must say, I didn't mind waiting since it was nice & sunny and probably more like 45 degrees here. That was a heatwave compared to what I left behind. After waiting for probably about 20 minutes, I called the hotel to find out how often their shuttles ran. Evidently, they don't HAVE A SHUTTLE! But, the nice lady referred me to a shuttle service, I went back inside and made shuttle arrangements. Luckily, there was one leaving right at that moment and the girl behind the desk held it up for myself and an elderly gentleman.

When I got intothe shuttle to get to the hotel, lo and behold, here is Denise Anderson-Turley and Noreen Petty! Denise is my up, up, up, upline (something like that) and Noreen is just awesome (actually they both are). I had the opportunity to meet Denise in person when I traveled to Florida this past summer for the CTMH Convention. And I was able to be in a couple of business classes run my Noreen. These ladies are SO inspirational. I am truly blessed to be in their presence. We bent the ears of the other passengers, and the elderly gentleman next to me told us to have a great time, and that by all the enthusiasm he was hearing from us, he was sure we would!

So, I am in my room waiting for a couple more consultants to get here, and then we are all walking to the Olive Garden for dinner (and boy am I hungry)! Noreen and Denise are right across the hall from me, so I am sure we will have a GREAT time while we are here!

I suggest you be sure to stay posted since I will be posting more updates throughout my stay. I will be here through Sunday morning!

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fancyMelissa said...

Tammy I'm so jealous. Not only are you at Album Retreat, but you're hanging with Noreen and Denise!!!! They are incredible. Be sure to pick their brain for some good JTD advice and share with us on the boards when you get home. And tell Noreen that Melissa Laverty said hi!

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